SafetyOur Commitment


Main Logging is a SAFE Company certified by the BC Forest Safety Council. SAFE (Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise) Companies certification is an initiative designed to evaluate safety programs using industry recognized audit protocols and facilitate improvement on safety performance. SAFE Certified Companies are audited on a yearly basis. The following eight elements, which provide the fundamentals for an effective health and safety program, are reviewed:

  • Management Leadership
  • Hazard and Risk Management
  • Standards, Procedures and Work Instructions
  • Training, Education and Certification
  • Health and Safety Communication Systems  
  • Incident Reporting and Investigation Systems
  • Contractor Management
  • Prime Contractor Selection and Management

Main Logging obtained SAFE Company certification in February 2008 and has maintained certification since. Main Logging achieved a score of 97% in December 2010 on the SAFE Certification audit, as well as a 100% score for our Injury Management/ Return to Work Program. 

Read more about SAFE Certification and the BC Forest Safety Council here.


Main Logging is in good standing with WorkSafe BC and in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation. This year Main Logging achieved a 14.1% experience rating discount off the base rate. The base rate is determined by the historical cost of injuries in the industry. An experience rating discount reflects a better health and safety record than the industry's historical average. Read more about WorkSafe BC's Policies here.

Health and Safety Accord

The Health and Safety Accord of the British Columbia Forest Industry is set forward by the BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. Main Logging honours this accord. Read more about the Health and Safety Accord of the British Columbia Forest Industry here.